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, "Guatemala to resume obtaining deportees from U.S. Despite having asylum offer on hold above coronavirus," 19 Mar. 2020 Even though a lot of New Yorkers commenced working from home and steering clear of community Areas, Jake and his fellow facility staff were being processing more orders as people began relying on on the internet retail to stock their pantries and put together for attainable quarantine. — Nick Martin, The brand new Republic

Process management, ensemble of routines of setting up and checking the performance of a business process or production processes

4 colour process hyper micro process map Main process radical process improvement (RPI) process reengineering process pounds process chart

Impression credits Try out a quiz now More meanings of process All owing process the Haber process peace processBeta process nodeBeta process owner process Assessment imagined processBeta See all meanings Idioms be within the process of accomplishing sth idiom

These have the identical composition as the rest of the choroid and secrete aqueous humor, which nourishes neighboring areas, the cornea, and lens.

acrosome - a process in the anterior stop of the sperm mobile that provides enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg

From Cambridge English Corpus   Due to this fact, philosophical modernity assumes that human beings are basically a higher type of animal daily life ensuing from the gradual evolutionary process

process - a sustained phenomenon or just one marked by gradual variations through a series of states; "occasions now in process"; "the process of calcification begins later on for boys than for women"

With company payments transforming swiftly, Transcard stands at the forefront of the digital payment revolution.

In the region with the primitive mouth on the embryo, a median swelling that is the precursor of the nose, higher lip, and entrance Portion of the palate.

One among about 70 well known meridional ridges projecting in the corona ciliaris of the choroid coat of the attention to which the suspensory ligament indian visa on the lens is connected.

ethmoid process a bony projection over and driving the maxillary process on the inferior nasal concha.

) into outputs. These outputs then serve as inputs for the subsequent phase until a recognized purpose or final result is arrived at.

2. A number of operations performed in the building or treatment method of a product: a producing process; leather-based dyed through the tanning process.

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